What is 80 flatbush?

Rendering of the oversized development design to be located on State St.


80 Flatbush is the name of the development in progress that will greatly affect our quality of life in Boerum Hill and surrounding neighborhoods. It is directly adjacent to the 400 and 500 blocks of State St, with an estimated construction timeline of a minimum of 8 years. It will consist of two towers - Tower 1 on the corner of State St and Flatbush Ave, is proposed to be 51 1ft tall. Tower 2, which will be located on 3rd Ave between State St and Schermerhorn, is estimated to be 862 ft tall. Both towers directly across from 4-story brownstones.

The development will encompass the entire block from Flatbush Ave to 3rd Ave, State St to Schermerhorn, including many months of demolition and asbestos remediation.

Who is developing 80 Flatbush?

The developers behind this project are Alloy Developers. Their largest project before 80 Flatbush was One John Street, a mere 12 stories tall.

Why oppose this?

State St. will be turned into a back alley and an after though - the backend of a development so big, it belongs in downtown Manhattan, not a residential neighborhood.

For comparison, the Chrysler Building is 925 ft tall. Alloy is trying to build a tower 90 ft shorter than the Chrysler Building directly across the street from 4-story brownstones in our quiet, low-rise neighborhood. 

The two towers will will bring both additional commercial and residential space to the tiny, half block of 500 State St - 1.1M sq ft of commercial space and 870 new residential units - all on the tiny, half-block of 500 State St. All of these development, once the 8+ years of construction is complete (assuming tower two is completed -- Alloy has still not secured funding for tower 2), will bring:

  • constant deliveries, both commercial and residential (think Amazon, Peapod, Ubers, etc)
  • trash pickups (3x per week) currently proposed to all occur on State St. 
  • compost & recycling pickups (1x per week) currently proposed to all occur on State St.

As of March 19, 2019 Alloy is still trying to turn almost the entire north side of State St. into a loading zone, not only losing parking, but adding to industrial noise and traffic literally feet from our front doors.

What are we doing?

In December 2018, 5 residents of the 400 and 500 blocks of State St. formed a legal block association and retained the services of an attorney in order to file a lawsuit against Alloy and the city of New York. The lawsuit is filed on the premise that Alloy and the city who approved their request, have violated spot zoning laws. Read the petition documents here.

How can you help?

Lawyers are not inexpensive. The 5 members of the association have paid initially from their own pockets to get the lawsuit started, but they need your help to continue supporting ongoing legal fees associated with this lawsuit. Click "DONATE" below to contribute to the 400 & 500 State St Block Association. This will also get you added to the official group mailing list that receives more frequent updates than this website gets, and gets the neighborhood meeting invites.